Back on the road

I've been back in Canada now since April, working with the intent to save up and return to Pearl Lagoon. Its coming a long although keeping up with my service schedule has meant not working as much as I had planned.

This does not mean however that i cant go anywhere in the meantime. While still In Pearl Lagoon I decided that to make the most of my circumstances i would take another trip to some place different, somewhere unlike anywhere I have been before. I made a list of possible destinations and upon returning to Canada i found that a few from the congregation were planning a road trip to one of those destinations.

That brings us to right now. I am writing this post on the road and were just about to pass Edmonton. Where are we going? Well, about 22 hours straight north of Fort Macleod, to Yellowknife, in the Canadian Northwest Territories. There have been forest fires up there lately, but word is that the road has just been re-opened so we should be in the clear. Theres 5 of us in a pickup with a 400 litre backup tank in the back. If we wanted to we could probably keep driving straight into Russia without stopping for gas (if not for the Arctic Ocean). We left at 5 AM and expect to be there before sunset. Wondering how we are going to drive for 22 hours and be there before sunset? Well were going to be so far north that this time of year the sun doesnt really set.

Anyways, more updates to come. We will be in Yellowknife roughly 10 days, rampant shenanigans expected.


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