Back in Canada

Fort Macleod, AB

After 11 months away I am now back in Canada. I had hoped to find some way of working online while I was down in Mexico, or in Nicaragua that would allow me to avoid coming back for work, but after a long and tiring search and many applications nothing has turned up. Lack of reliable internet was a major factor. In any case I am now back in Fort Macleod to work for a few months, then I will be able to go back to Pearl Lagoon for at least another year. I guess it isn't such a terrible option, having to work for just a few months of each year, getting to visit family and friends here in Canada while I work in the warmer months then dodging winter again when I go back to Nicaragua.

Alberta car group
And the territory

First big mac in over 6 months
I should say I ALMOST dodged winter. There were still a few weeks left with heavy snow and a few days of -20C. Apparently it was the worst winter in years. Although the cold was not too difficult to adjust to. The real shock was the change in humidity. The air is so dry here I have trouble breathing, sore throat and my hands, face, and eyes are in pain.

On the bright side, no more cold showers for a while. And my diet of rice and beans will be replaced with steak and more steak. Perhaps with extra meat on the side.

Pearl Lagoon Bus

The trip back went smoothly. It was long but was without many complications. I took the 5:30 AM bus from Pearl Lagoon to Rama, then took the express bus at noon from Rama to Managua the next day. I spent the night in Managua and actually got to eat at a Chinese restaurant.

I hope to get some more equipment while I'm back, some things to make my stay a bit more comfortable the next time. I'll especially be checking out some camping stores. I saw in one store a collapsible stainless steel wine glass... brilliant. Anyways heres a few more pictures from the trip.

Managua Airport

Nicaragua from the sky

Toronto Airport, 3:00 AM


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