Finished product... almost

We've been working on renovating the building we use as a Kingdom hall for some time now here in Pearl Lagoon, and it just occurred to me that I haven't posted any "after" pictures. Very sorry about that. The outside is all but done, we just need to put in a pathway using the oyster shells you see on the right, as well as a fence.

In other news, we had the CO visit, as well the congregation Panga has been making trips up the lagoon weekly with a rotating crew. Tomorrow a group will be going to La Fe, after that I imagine Marshall point will be on the list as people from the territory have been requesting that we come and hold a meeting. Its also been many years since it was worked. The trip will require more planning however, as due to the size of the community and the distance it will likely involve staying a night or two in the territory.

The Circuit overseer encouraged us to learn and use the Creole dialect ourselves. I've been trying somewhat but honestly have been reluctant to put it to use. Its a bit hard to try and speak what you perceive to be your own language in a different way, as well as to deliberately change your accent. But with Jehovah's help I believe we can all do it. Some local sisters have even talked about giving classes. I find I'm at the point now where many times I know in my mind how to phrase what I want to say in Creole, its just a matter of working up the courage to actually say it that way rather than reverting to English.


  1. Admire your faith,courage and endurance,christian love and prayers,Kelly family,AUSTRALIA.KEEP UP YOUR WONDERFUL WORK HEB. 6:10


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