Does this boat look familiar?

The Mensajero III is back on the water! After some hard work and care from our visiting boat expert we are once again using the congregation Panga to reach the territory. In this picture we are about to leave for Kakabila. Although we have worked it twice in recent months, it was the ideal destination for a quick test run for the engine. As well the people in Kakabila keep insisting that we visit them more often. This time one of the locals asked us to announce on the radio the next time we are coming, so they can prepare the community hall for us to hold a meeting.

We had a group of 7 this time. The captain stayed with the boat, but managed to do plenty of witnessing due to the attention it drew. We arrived around 10 AM and went back at 3 PM. In that time we managed to work half of the town. The people really seem to enjoy our visits there, and are eager to hear about the bible.

The first language of most in Kakabila is Miskito, but nearly all of them can speak English and Spanish fluently as well. The children however speak only Miskito, as they do not learn the other two until going to school. Neither can they read or write. I was able to play the video "Why study the bible" in Miskito for a family. The mother had been listening to my presentation in English, while the children played and did their own thing, but once the video started and they heard it was in Miskito I had their undivided attention. The entire group of about 6 children became completely silent as they watched the video. Realistically this would be the children's first contact with the truth in their own language, its times like this I remember why I came here.
Why Study the bible?
Kid's home made sailboats
On the way back to Pearl Lagoon we came across some fishermen, and since we still had some daylight we pulled along side them and bought some fresh shrimp. We peeled them at the dock when we made it back and I learned how to process and cook them for the first time. Results were delicious.

Peeling the shrimp

Frying the shrimp in butter, garlic, and coconut oil


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