New stuff!

A lot has changed in 6 months, and new exciting things are happening here in Pearl Lagoon. We had two announcements made at the meeting last night that will have a very large effect on the ministry here.

Firstly, there will be weekly Miskito classes starting on Monday, and afterwards every Saturday in the evening. We will be using similar methods to other branch directed courses, i.e. juggling and tossing balloons (yes, it actually has something to do with learning a language).

There is a large Miskito population here so we will have plenty of opportunity to use what we learn. Many people in Pearl Lagoon speak Miskito, but two of the neighboring towns (Awas and Raitipura) are entirely Miskito speaking. Miskito is still a thriving language so there are easily thousands nearby that speak it as their mother tongue and still use it every day.

The second was that we will be holding meetings (the congregation bible study) in Miskito on a separate night in the town of Raitipura! The people in this community have shown great interest in studying and also coming to the meetings, but for them it is a half hour walk, which is partially spent wading through a small body of water. We expect a very large turnout for the meetings. Hopefully the conductor will make it there with dry feet.


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