I comin right now

Its been roughly six months now since I left Nicaragua. Things have not gone exactly as planned and I had to seriously consider whether or not I would be able to return. But now after careful consideration of my options I am preparing to head back. I'm not exactly sure how its going to work out yet but I'm sure it will.

Route to San Salvador
The first stop on this trip will be San Salvador, for the English Regional Convention. The flight is slightly shorter than it has been in the past due to there being only one stopover. After that I meet up with the Pearl Lagoon congregation at the convention. Making the arrangements for the hotel over the phone was a real test of my Spanish speaking ability and I was quite proud of myself after successfully making the reservation (i hope?).

After what is sure to be an amazing program I ride back with the brothers to Managua, and then back to Pearl Lagoon by chicken bus/vegetable truck/panga where I hope to stay as long as possible.

Route to Managua

Route to Pearl Lagoon


  1. Glad to hear that you are able to head back. Once again, enjoy your time in Nicaragua - give everyone a big hug from us! We sure do miss them! Love, Pat & Debbie Polden


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